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Why my payment canceled or refunded

Started by Amit Das 2020-01-06 at 10:07
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Dear User,

I am busy with my work so as I promised all payment process with in 24 hrs to 168 hrs and today when I process all pending payment I found most of the user not follow my instruction one user added his name after ending PM account we refunded. one user who already received his payment on 24th of Dec 2019 he/she is not uploaded his/her payment proof in our payment proof section, I found yesterday he/she uploaded his /her payment but no screenshot available also he posted in wrong section so I deleted user must uploaded his /her payment proof within a 72 hrs after received his payment from our end otherwise we are not process his/her next payment user must uploaded his her payment proof in EMS forum user must be active on forum. I canceled one user payment because we remind 2 times but he did not verify his payment account so from next time if 2 times failed next time we are canceled his / her payment proof. we can't sent our funds to cheater if user loyal must follow our rules to getting payment our rules is simply verify your payment account and user name or real name must be same as per rockingclix data.

Today I canceled all Vietnamese user payment because I already watched maximum user create an multi pal accounts and trying to withdraw funds all unverified account so for Vietnam user must invest funds before withdraw his/her amount.

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